Summer Music Events in the Southeast

You know summer is officially here when the list of music events seems endless. That’s because music is one of the sounds of summer. A day spent cooling off at the beach or on the boat isn’t complete without some great tunes. To help you plan your summer, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite summer music events in the Southeast. All you have to do is pack a bag and hit the road.


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Summer Event Highlights in the Mid Atlantic

Geneva on the Lake

Guests relaxing at Geneva on the Lake

When you need to get away this summer, hit the road and take an adventure to the Mid Atlantic. Leave your worries behind and escape to the quieter parts of New York. Take a step back in time and lose yourself in Pennsylvania’s rich history. Breathe in the natural, scenic beauty of Virginia, or walk along the shores of New Jersey at sunrise. Explore beautiful gardens of Delaware, or finally taste Maryland’s crabs for yourself. Wherever you go, the Mid-Atlantic is the perfect place for you to relax and recharge.

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Summer Event Highlights in the Northeast

When you need to get away this summer, hit the road and take an adventure to the Northeast. Lose yourself in the charm of quaint, beach towns on the Connecticut shore. Let Vermont’s cool, mountain air whisk you away from the summer heat and the daily noises of life. Capture scenic sights while exploring New Hampshire’s beautiful parks and forests, or immerse yourself in the rich historical past of Massachusetts. Witness Rhode Island’s colorful sunsets, or find yourself where the mountains touch the ocean on the coast of Maine. Wherever you go, the Northeast is the perfect place for you to relax and recharge.

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Weekend Getaways in New England are Ideal in Summer

Weekend Getaways in New EnglandNew England is a special part of the country that’s steeped in history and full of beautiful places to explore. One of the best times to visit New England is in the summer after the temperatures have warmed up and the weather is beautiful. If you’re not familiar with the area, New England refers to the portion of the Northeast United States included the states of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. There are so many wonderful cities, towns, and peaceful rural areas to discover in each of these states, so more than one trip to the region is definitely warranted. That’s why weekend getaways in New England are so great, you can take a weekend and explore one place and then choose another destination for another weekend down the line. Because once you visit the area, you’ll want to return. Because there are so many Select Registry properties in New England, all of your weekend getaways in New England will feature luxurious accommodations. So take a look at all there is to do in each state and start  planning a few weekend getaways in New England this summer.

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The Best Downtown Denver Events This Summer

Downtown Denver EventsThe city of Denver, Colorado is a fantastic destination for summer getaways. During the summer the mild weather makes Denver the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy all the perks of a big city while having easy access to the wonder of the Rocky Mountains. The Mile-High City is full of great things to do, no matter your interests. There is a great arts and culture scene, fantastic dining, superb entertainment, and a plethora of other interesting activities to choose from. And if you’re a sports enthusiast, there are several professional teams in and near the city to become fans of.  Plus, the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous. If you decide to take a trip to Colorado this summer and experience all the city has to offer, then check out these great downtown Denver events while you’re in town.

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Spend Time in Downtown Walla Walla

Downtown Walla WallaAre you thinking about a trip out west to visit Washington state? Consider taking a trip to Walla Walla, Washington. The city is located in the Walla Walla River Valley and in the heart of Oregon wine country. The region is known for its scenic beauty as well as for producing quality vintages of all manner of wine varietals. The city of Walla Walla is notable for it’s fantastic work of revitalizing Downtown Walla Walla. The downtown area is known for being full of great artistic expression for all to enjoy. When you visit Downtown Walla Walla, you can experience live music and theater, browse museums and galleries, and taste fine wines and delicious food. So what are you waiting for? Downtown Walla Walla is calling your name!

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4 Reasons California Wine Country Vacations are Perfect

California Wine Country VacationsThe state of California is a wonderful travel destination for a multitude of reasons. Because of the state’s large size, there are many different environments and landscapes to discover in California. One favorite destination is California wine country. Wine Country is world-renowned for being growing premium wine grapes and producing amazing wine. California Wine Country vacations have been popular getaways for decades and there is a  good reason for that.  There area more than 400 wineries in the area and great activities, fine dining, and luxury accommodations are also prevalent in the area. Plus, the area is downright beautiful. It was tough, but we’ve narrowed down our long list of reason to head to Napa, Sonoma, or Mendocino  counties to just four reasons California Wine Country vacations are perfect.

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Hocking Hills Horseback Riding is a Great Adventure

Hocking Hills Horseback RidingAre you looking for somewhere unique to getaway and leave it all behind? Perhaps you should head to the state of Ohio and explore the Hocking Hills. This part of the state is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of your every day life. You’ll be surrounded by nature in all of its glory and enjoy all of the outdoor activities you love. For instance, the Hocking Hills horseback riding is a great way to spend the day. With a trusty steed and an expert guide, you can discover all the charms of the area from a unique vantage point during Hocking Hills horseback riding adventures. Plus with two Select Registry properties in the area, a Hocking Hills getaway could be just what you need.

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Innkeeping Classes near Providence

Innkeeping Classes at Historic Jacob Hill Inn*Over the course of our 24 years of owning our property on Jacob Hill people have asked: “how we got into the Innkeeping business”.  Our story has been told and shared many times around the world, over the internet, in magazines, newspapers and my personal favorite, word of mouth (today its called social media).    In short, after an extensive searched all over Rhode Island, we found our Historic property located just 15 minutes from were I grew up. We redecorated and re-purposed it over the years, creating the highest rated lodging property in the Providence area.


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The Best Beaches in Wilmington, NC

Best Beaches in Wilmington NCWilmington, NC is a wonderful coastal town with a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of charm. Visitors and locals alike enjoy the quaint downtown, historic homes, great restaurants, and parks. The town is also home to a movie studio, so when you visit, you might even see a celebrity or two. However, one of the best things about heading to Wilmington is hitting the beach. The best beaches in Wilmington, NC feature perfect sand, gorgeous waves, and plenty of friendly faces. So get ready for summer and start planning your activities for the best beaches in Wilmington, NC.

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