4 of the Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in the US

Is it time for another family vacation? With a little planning ahead of time, your family vacation will be enjoyable for everyone! One way to simplify family travel is to choose a kid-friendly hotel in a destination with lots of activities your kids will love.


Here are four of the best kid-friendly hotels and family vacation ideas in the country.

1. Spend The Day Splashing Around In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Best kid-friendly hotels

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Best Lake Vacations in the US

Summer is coming! Are you ready? Hot, sunny days are best spent outside by the water! This summer, forget the nearest beach or pool and head to one of these pristine lakes. You’ll not only find endless opportunities to cool off and connect with nature, you’ll also be treated to an exceptional lodging experience at any of our bed and breakfasts, inns, and small boutique hotels!


This summer, let yourself truly relax at one of the best lake vacations in the US.


Escape The City And Cool Off In Catskill Country.

Best lake vacations

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9 Scenic Lighthouses in Maine

Did you know Maine has 65 historical lighthouses? With 5,000 miles of rocky coasts, Maine is nicknamed the “Lighthouse State.” Guiding sailors safely home for years, the lighthouses in Maine are now considered an admirable work of art and history!


According to the United States Lighthouse Society, modern technology has doomed the classic lighthouse. Today, the Coast Guard has automated all U.S. lighthouses and eliminated the need for lighthouse keepers in the process. The lighthouses in Maine now serve as one of the state’s most popular attractions!


Here are 9 scenic lighthouses you must visit in Maine.


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Top 21 Places With Beautiful Flowers

Do you love spring’s spectacular blooms? The longer, sunnier days and warmer weather make you want to get outside and enjoy your area’s beautiful flowers. You could grow your own flowers, but why not spend a weekend somewhere that’s known for its colorful blossoms?


See Beautiful Flowers Throughout The U.S. If you’d like to visit one of these properties, please ask when their flowers are in bloom so you can take advantage of the natural beauty during your stay! The innkeepers are happy to tell you more about their gardens and recommend local flower attractions and events to make your stay memorable.

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4 Cities for Civil War History Buffs

On April 12th, 1861, the first shots of the American Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. Today, the fort still stands as evidence of the historical events that shaped the history of our country. If you’re a Civil War history buff, you know where the most prominent battles took place!


But do you know which lodging accommodations are perfectly suited for your visits to important Civil War landmarks?

Pick a bed and breakfast or inn that has deep historic roots, dating back to the war itself. Some of these properties served as hospitals, hideaways, and homes to prominent people during the Civil War!

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Best Pools To Escape To This Summer

Are you dreaming of lazy summer days at the pool? It’s hard to resist spending time outdoors when the temperature starts to rise. If you’re in need of somewhere you can truly relax, treat yourself to a change of scenery! These are some of the best pools to escape to in the country because they come with a personalized and pampered lodging experience.


Escape to relaxation at its finest. When you stay at a Select Registry bed and breakfast, inn, or small boutique hotel with a pool, no detail is left untouched. From the water temperature to the personalized service, everything will be exceptional so you can truly relax during your stay!

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11 Famous Places You’ve Seen on TV

Have you ever dreamt of being on TV or in a movie? There’s something thrilling about the limelight. While most people only dream about their 15 seconds of fame, a small few actually get it! Many Select Registry bed and breakfasts, inns, and small boutique hotels are among the lucky few that have landed a spot on screen. If you’d like to stay somewhere that’s soaked up some limelight, consider planning a trip to one of these famous places!


Here’s 11 famous places you’ve seen on TV or in a movie.


1. Walk on the floors from Dirty Dancing.

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Most Beautiful Gardens in the US

Do you love the thought of vibrant blooms and warmer temperatures? Spring is one of the best times to get outside and appreciate nature! If you’re seeking a place to relax and discover the outdoors, let yourself be enchanted by the magic of some of the most beautiful gardens in the United States!


Imagine the vibrant possibilities. Not only will you be amazed by the beauty of these gardens, you’ll also reap other benefits from their colorful flowers and fragrant scents. According to the Huffington Postgoing outside makes you healthier. Among the benefits are increased brain function, increased vitamin D intake, and decreased stress levels! If you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and truly relax, consider spending time outside in one of these most beautiful gardens!

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Best Places for Civil War History Buffs

On June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln famously said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Civil War history buffs know the premise behind this speech well. If you’re fascinated by the events that took place at popular war sites like Gettysburg, Richmond, or Charleston, where the first Confederate shots were fired, consider staying at a historic bed and breakfast or inn that played a role in Civil War history!


Best Places for Civil War History Buffs


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Best Historic Wedding Venues in the South

So, you’ve got the ring. Now what? There are so many exciting decisions that lie ahead! Finding the perfect wedding dress, picking your colors, and of course, your wedding venue. If you’d like to get married somewhere that’s full of charm, romance, and elegance, consider historic wedding venues in the South for your special day!


Say I Do To the South’s Unparalleled History and Hospitality. There’s something so romantic about getting married at a historic wedding venue! With every detail lovingly restored and preserved, you’ll immediately feel a sense of romance and elegance the minute you arrive.

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