4 Great Places to See in Ohio

Places to See in OhioThe state of Ohio is a state with such diverse landscapes, people, and attractions that there are dozens of fascinating places to explore. Whether you want to enjoy the wonders of nature, local culture, or a fantastic urban atmosphere, then Ohio has something for you. Everyone has a favorite place in the state, and we at Select Registry are going to share a just few of ours with you. So as you begin to plan your next vacation, keep these great places to see in Ohio in mind!

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Did You Know Abingdon Manor is Half Way Between NYC and Palm Beach?

Abingdon ManorLocated in the South Carolina country where ancient live oaks and magnolia are scattered around the dense lowcountry you’ll find the charming Abingdon Manor bed and breakfast. While in a truly southern part of the country where cotton used to grow on every available corner of land, the small town of Latta, South Carolina is actually equidistant from both New York City and Palm Beach, Florida, making it the ideal getaway from any metro area on the eastern seaboard. Itself a suburb of Florence, Latta has a population of just over one thousand, offering a truly rural southern experience with some wonderful attractions to explore.

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Looking for Things to Do in Lambertville, NJ?

Things to Do in Lambertville NJOnce a bustling mill town with a busy downtown railroad depot, Lambertville, NJ has grown into a destination for those seeking solace from the Northeastern metropolitan areas. Attracting art and antique collectors looking to get lost in the town’s many galleries and antique shops, Lambertville is now known as the Antique Capital of New Jersey. Aside from activities attracting creative types there are many other things to do in Lambertville, NJ, including outdoor adventures to be had, and delicious gourmet meals to share.

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Head to The Berkshires for the Tanglewood Music Festival

Conductor_Matthew Jones_iStockEach summer, the Berkshires come alive with beautiful music from talented artists from a myriad of genres. The Boston Symphony Orchestra moves to Tanglewood,  its summer home in Lenox, MA, for a fantastic series of concerts that are not to be missed.  The Tanglewood Music Festival is world renowned series of concerts and performances that are applauded for both the quality of music and the high calibre of musicians that perform. This summer’s Tanglewood Music Festival promises to be just as memorable as previous seasons.  From popular acts like Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett to classic performances featuring orchestral stars like Yo Yo Ma, you’ll find an amazing performance to catch your interest at the 2015 Tanglewood Music Festival.

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What are the Best Travel Destinations in June?

Best Travel Destinations in JuneWhen the summer kicks off in June it’s a best to head straight for vacation to soak up some long-anticipated sunshine and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re the beach-going type or someone who wants to take a hike through the mountains, a stay at a Select Registry property in one of the best travel destinations in June is the way to do it. Take advantage of the first moments of summer at one of these great locations, be it for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. You’ll love these great towns and the elegant inns you’ll find there.

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Where Should I Go on My Next Vacation?

Where Should I Go On My Next Vacation?Where should I go on my next vacation? That’s a question that many of us ask ourselves when we are pondering what to do with our time off. Or rather, it’s a question more of us should be asking ourselves! Did you know that most Americans don’t take all of their vacation time off, and that some (too many) don’t take any vacation time at all? Well, we at  Select Registry know the value of a good getaway and we want to share that with you. After all, we work hard, and we should be able to take advantage of the restful and regenerative effects that going on vacation have. So, back to the question.  Where should I go on vacation? There is no one right or wrong answer, but everyone has different tastes.  We’ve come up with a few answers to the question “where should I go on my next vacation?” so you can start planning your well earned time away!

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7 California Honeymoon Ideas

California Honeymoon IdeasIf you’re getting married soon, then one of the crucial planning steps should be deciding where to spend your honeymoon.  The state of California is the ideal destination for those looking to experience natural beauty and romantic relaxation during their honeymoon. Due to the large size of the state, California has a diverse selection of places to visit, each with its own charms. From beautiful shorelines to lush wine growing regions, California has something for everyone. With a wide selection of Select Registry properties in California you can be confident that you’ll find luxurious and romantic accommodations in several different areas.  The place to start when coming up with California honeymoon ideas is choosing a particular destination based on the atmosphere you desire, then you can decide what activities to enjoy while there.  These California honeymoon ideas will help you begin planning your getaway.

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Bring These East Coast Road Trip Ideas to Life

East Coast Road Trip IdeasThe US is a nation full of varied landscapes, environments and atmospheres.  At Select Registry, we’re lucky enough to get to experience much of the country through our many member properties. Each state you visit seems to have its own personality.  One of the best ways to explore the US is to take a road trip.  To get the most out of such a journey, it is a good idea to pick out a certain region to explore so you can soak in the feeling of that particular area and get the complete experience.  If you want to get to know part of the country while being exposed to beautiful places along the way, then you should consider taking an East Coast road trip.  Depending which part of the Atlantic coast you want to see, there are several highways, byways, and scenic roads to travel.  Here are three great East Coast road trips to get your imagination going! 

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Prime Locations for the Best Depoe Bay Whale Watching

Depoe Bay Whale WatchingDepoe Bay, Oregon is known as the whale watching capital of the world. People from all over the west coast flock to the area during migration season to peer on as nearly 18,000 animals move from north to south and back again. Most of the whales that move through the area are gray whales, weighing in at 36 tonnes with a length of nearly 50 feet.

These colossal prehistoric mammals of the sea leave their feeding waters in Alaska for the warmer waters of Baja for breeding. Their epic migration south is over 5,000 miles and takes two or three months of travel, with most whales covering about 75 miles per day. This is the longest known migration of any mammal.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Tours from Estes Park

Rocky Mountain National Park ToursThe Rocky Mountains are a majestic sight that everyone should see at least once in their life.  With so much ground to cover, it can be difficult to decide how to start exploring.  To get the complete experience of this beautiful part of the US, you might consider taking one of several Rocky Mountain National Park tours.   You can have the guidance and knowledge of an expert on the area and make sure you see all the features of the park you want to.  Estes Park, Colorado is a great place to stay during your adventures and many tours are based in the town. And with a fantastic Select Registry property in Estes Park, you can’t go wrong with taking one of these Rocky Mountain National Park tours. 

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