Everything You Need to Know About The Historic Rossetter House Museum

If you want to learn about Florida’s history, you’ve got to go to its roots. Located in the historic section of Eau Gallie, the Historic Rossetter House Museum is one of the most popular places in Melbourne, Florida for history buffs.


Eau Gallie was established in the mid-1800s as a small agricultural city in Brevard County. Today, it is part of Melbourne, Florida and home to the enchanting Historic Rossetter House Museum.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Historic Rossetter House Museum

historic rossetter house museum

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5 of The Best Romantic Things to Do in North Carolina

From its scenic mountains to its graceful beaches, North Carolina is the perfect backdrop for romance any time of the year. With endless options for couples seeking time together away, we thought we’d help you put together the perfect getaway with this list of romantic things to do in North Carolina.


Here’s 5 of the best romantic things to do in North Carolina

romantic things to do in north carolina

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The Mystic Aquarium: What You Need to Know

The Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut is unlike any other aquarium you’ve ever been to. Featuring exciting indoor and outdoor exhibits, numerous shows, and a move theater, this aquarium isn’t just a popular attraction for kids. While it is child friendly, it also offers adults plenty of opportunities to learn something new about the deep blue sea.


mystic aquarium

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The Mystic Aquarium: What You Need to Know


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Why You Need to See Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Monticello is an impressive sight to behold. Situated right outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, this elegant structure was designed, built, and inhabited by Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States.


Before you visit Monticello, here’s what you should know.


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How To Pronounce Monticello. When you say Monticello, it sounds like there is an invisible H. It is pronounced “MontiCHELLo.”

Learn What Monticello Means. Monticello comes from an Italian word meaning “little mountain.” When you visit, you’ll understand the name fits. The plantation is located on the summit of a peak in the Southwest Mountains. The peak is over 800 feet tall so Monticello truly sits on a little mountain.

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5 of the Most Unique Things to Do in Marshall, MI

Did you know Marshall, Michigan is home to the nation’s largest National Historic Landmark District? Featuring 144 buildings and 50 markets, that’s a lot of history for a small urban area. In order to truly experience this unique city, you need to explore its historical roots by going where the locals go and doing what they do. To help you get local, we’ve put together this guide with some of the most unique things to do in Marshall MI.


These are the must-see, must-do things you won’t find anywhere else.


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You Need to See these New Mexico Attractions

New Mexico became the 47th state just over 100 years ago in 1912. Known as the Land of Enchantment, the state nickname was officially adopted at the end of the 20th century in 1999 because of the state’s beauty and rich history.


The capital city of Santa Fe and the most populated city of Albuquerque are just two of the many places in the state that certainly hold true to the Enchantment title given to the state. When you are visiting, there are several New Mexico attractions that you must see. A few of those include taking a trip to Canyon Road in Santa Fe and riding an aerial tram at the Sandia Peak Tramway.

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How to Explore Grounds For Sculpture

One of the best places to appreciate arts in New Jersey is at Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton Township. Encompassing 42 acres, the sculpture park and museum is full of so many interesting sculptures to see, feel, and take photos with!


If you only have an hour or two to spend here, use this guide to see the best of what Grounds For Sculpture has to offer.


grounds for sculpture

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8 of the Best Historic Bed and Breakfasts in California

Are you a West Coast history buff? You can learn so much more about the history of an area by immersing yourself in it. California is home to many top-rated cities… San Francisco even ranked #9 on US News 12 Best Historic Destinations in the USA!


When you think of the Golden State, you may think of Hollywood, sunny skies, and rocky beaches, or the Golden Gate Bridge but there’s so many more stories you haven’t heard. From majors to millionaires, each of our historic bed and breakfasts in California has been shaped by prominent people and events during their time.

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6 of the Most Romantic Things to do in Georgia This Weekend

Rekindle the romance this weekend with a last minute trip to Georgia. From its delicious Southern cooking to its warm Southern hospitality, the Peach State is such a sweet destination for couples. With so many romantic things to do in Georgia, we narrowed down our list so you hit the road soon!


Here are 6 of the most romantic things to do in Georgia this weekend

romantic things to do in georgia

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6 of the Best Things to Do in the Shenandoah Valley

Not far from Washington, DC, is the lovely Shenandoah Valley. From scenic hikes and cascading waterfalls to historical landmarks and natural wonders, there is truly something to do for everyone. Whether you plan a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, you’ll never tire of all the exciting things to do in Shenandoah Valley.


Here are 6 of the best things to do in the Shenandoah Valley.

things to do in shenandoah valley

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