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What are the Best Travel Destinations in June?

Best Travel Destinations in JuneWhen the summer kicks off in June it’s a best to head straight for vacation to soak up some long-anticipated sunshine and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re the beach-going type or someone who wants to take a hike through the mountains, a stay at a Select Registry property in one of the best travel destinations in June is the way to do it. Take advantage of the first moments of summer at one of these great locations, be it for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. You’ll love these great towns and the elegant inns you’ll find there.

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7 California Honeymoon Ideas

California Honeymoon IdeasIf you’re getting married soon, then one of the crucial planning steps should be deciding where to spend your honeymoon.  The state of California is the ideal destination for those looking to experience natural beauty and romantic relaxation during their honeymoon. Due to the large size of the state, California has a diverse selection of places to visit, each with its own charms. From beautiful shorelines to lush wine growing regions, California has something for everyone. With a wide selection of Select Registry properties in California you can be confident that you’ll find luxurious and romantic accommodations in several different areas.  The place to start when coming up with California honeymoon ideas is choosing a particular destination based on the atmosphere you desire, then you can decide what activities to enjoy while there.  These California honeymoon ideas will help you begin planning your getaway.

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Prime Locations for the Best Depoe Bay Whale Watching

Depoe Bay Whale WatchingDepoe Bay, Oregon is known as the whale watching capital of the world. People from all over the west coast flock to the area during migration season to peer on as nearly 18,000 animals move from north to south and back again. Most of the whales that move through the area are gray whales, weighing in at 36 tonnes with a length of nearly 50 feet.

These colossal prehistoric mammals of the sea leave their feeding waters in Alaska for the warmer waters of Baja for breeding. Their epic migration south is over 5,000 miles and takes two or three months of travel, with most whales covering about 75 miles per day. This is the longest known migration of any mammal.

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Rocky Mountain National Park Tours from Estes Park

Rocky Mountain National Park ToursThe Rocky Mountains are a majestic sight that everyone should see at least once in their life.  With so much ground to cover, it can be difficult to decide how to start exploring.  To get the complete experience of this beautiful part of the US, you might consider taking one of several Rocky Mountain National Park tours.   You can have the guidance and knowledge of an expert on the area and make sure you see all the features of the park you want to.  Estes Park, Colorado is a great place to stay during your adventures and many tours are based in the town. And with a fantastic Select Registry property in Estes Park, you can’t go wrong with taking one of these Rocky Mountain National Park tours. 

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History Buffs Should Visit Antietam National Battlefield

Antietam National BattlefieldIf you’re someone who likes traveling to historic sites throughout the US, or just taking some time on a vacation to see local landmarks, then you should put a visit to Antietam National Battlefield on your list of must-see destinations. This historic site is located along Antietam Creek in Washington County, Maryland on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  The beauty of the battlefield’s surroundings belies the location’s past.  Read on to find out more about Antietam National Battlefield and what you can see and do during your visit.

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4 Things to Do in Midtown Atlanta in April & May

Midtown AtlantaThe city of Atlanta, Georgia has so many charms.  Residents and visitors to the city get the experience of a large metropolitan area without sacrificing friendly faces and southern charm. One of the most popular parts of the city is Midtown Atlanta.  This district is located between Buckhead to the north and Downtown to the south. For cultural attractions in Atlanta, people flock to Midtown to see art galleries, museums, theatrical performances, and live music.  The food in this part of the city is also noteworthy. When you’re in Midtown, a trip to The Varsity for delicious treat and an authentic drive-in experience, because you’re sure to work up an appetite with these 4 fun things to do in Midtown Atlanta this spring.

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5 Best Places to Stay in Kennebunkport, Maine

Best Places to Stay in KennebunkportIf you’re looking to take a trip to Maine’s coast, then Kennebunkport should be near the top of your list of possible destinations. Scenic New England Beaches with rocky shorelines, historic sites, and charming town streets await those who visit Kennebunkport.  During your getaway to the area you’ll also have the opportunity experience one of the 5 best places to stay in Kennebunkport, Maine.

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Upscale Restaurants in Norman, OK for the Distinguished Palate

Restaurants in Norman, OKThe historic town of Norman, OK is known for having been the headquarters of the Santa Fe Railroad after the town expanded exponentially around both the passenger depot and freight station. Norman grew to be one of the largest cities in the entire state and was instrumental in the nationwide expansion of the railroad. The old depot is now a registered historic site and central in the Norman, OK experience.

Being a large destination within the state, and home to the University of Oklahoma, and a great place to stop if driving through the state, there are also numerous restaurants in Norman, OK worth checking out. Here’s a list of some of the most upscale establishments around town:

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Great Cities in Texas to Visit in 2015

Cities in Texas

The Alamo in San Antonio

If you’re looking for a new vacation destination, why not head out to the Lonestar State and explore a bit? They say everything is bigger in Texas, so why shouldn’t it follow that the fun is bigger as well?  There are so many towns and cities in Texas to visit, so we’re going to explore just a handful to make planning your next getaway a little bit easier. Texas is a state full of adventure, wonderful culture, delicious food, and friendly faces. You’re sure to find all of the above in these cities in Texas.

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The Best West Coast Beaches You Can Visit

Best West Coast BeachesThe beach is undoubtedly one of the top vacation destinations in North America.  For generations, families, friends, and solo travelers have headed to the beach for rest, relaxation and recreation. During the cold months of winter, people flock to the coasts to find some respite in the warm sands and sunshine of places such as California or Florida.  In the summer heat, a cool dip in the Atlantic or Pacific can be the perfect way soothe yourself.  While there are great beaches on both sides of the country (and of course in other countries), but there is something special about the west coast’s beaches.  The best west coast beaches often boast rocky shorelines and panoramic views of the Pacific ocean, and long stretches of sand perfect to lay your beach chair on.  From the long coast of golden California, up to the rugged shores of Oregon, the best west coast beaches have something to offer everyone.

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