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Explore Delaware’s History and Heritage at These Inns

lobby - LyonThere is a lot of early American history and heritage in Delaware, along with some stunning Inns to stay in as you explore. At Select Registry, we are always interested in showcasing our exceptional listings, and in this spirit we would like to present two top Delaware Inns that are just minutes from sights that will fill your days with interest and exploration.

The Bellmoor Inn & Spa

In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where vacation resorts trace all the way back to 1873, the Bellmoor Inn & Spa is a perfect example of an exclusive resort hotel where you can relax while being only minutes away from beautiful scenery and exceptional activities.

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Tranquil Bed and Breakfast Destinations Along Maine’s Coast Line

01 - OutsideIt is always difficult for us at Select Registry to choose just a few examples to demonstrate how wonderful our bed & breakfast listings are. We hold them all to high standards to provide you an exceptional experience.

This is true for this edition of our recommended tranquil bed & breakfast destinations along Maine’s coastline. In the interest of brevity, we have placed just a few here on our short list for you to peruse, as they represent what you can find in one of the nation’s most coveted states for relaxing in an extraordinary setting.

Camden Maine Stay Inn

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Propose to “The One” at the Most Romantic Spot in the United States

RoseHallNightChoosing the right place to propose to the one you love is just another way to show your thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Making sure that every detail is just right is a way of honoring your loved one, and at Select Registry, we’ve decided to make it easier on you by presenting our short list of just a few of our favorite romantic inns in the United States. Take a look at these four for starters:

The Iris Inn Bed & Breakfast

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Relish The Picturesque Scenery Of Maryland’s Traditional Bed and Breakfast Locations

Antrim_1844_Stills_008Ah Maryland! As one of the most picturesque states, it is no wonder that so many people flock to the lovely inns throughout the local countryside. At Select Registry we are not immune to the seduction of staying in a traditional bed & breakfast where you can wile away the hours doing nothing but taking in the magnificent scenery, going on an inspiring nature walk, finding exceptional antiques, or partaking of the multitude of outdoor activities available.

Here are just a few examples of some of the finest Maryland Bed and Breakfasts. We know they will intrigue you as you plan your next vacation getaway with those that you love.

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Step Back In Time With Maryland’s Old World Charm Inns

RoseHallNightThere is nothing like an inn with old world charm to captivate the heart and make you feel like you have stepped back in time. Our selection of Maryland Inns will give you the sensation that you are far, far away from urban life as you luxuriate in any one of these gems listed below:

Antietam Overlook Farm

This Keedysville 19th century style farmhouse sits on 95 acres on top of the Blue Ridge Range. Here you have impeccable views of the Antietam National Battlefield and the historic village of Sharpsburg.

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Best Luxury Bed and Breakfast for a Romantic Getaway this Summer

brkfst_room (640x480)At Select Registry, we understand what it means to be in the mood for love. With summer lulling us with warm breezes, what could be a better time to book a romantic getaway at a luxury bed & breakfast that asks of you nothing  more than to lay back and enjoy?  Here is a very short list of some of our latest picks:

The Don Gaspar Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Stay At Bed and Breakfast Locations Close To Maine’s Historic Landmarks

Front-ViewAt Select Registry, Maine has a special place in our hearts. With close to 90% of its land forested, it’s no wonder it is known as the Pine Tree State, and we love it for the ability to lose oneself in unadulterated nature.

Maine was first settled by the French in 1604, with the English Plymouth Company coming soon afterwards in 1607. The State ultimately became part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820 when it voted to secede and was admitted to the Union as the 23rd state.

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Celebrate American History At A Classic Bed and Breakfast Location in Massachusetts

lp-living room2The United States is filled with historical sites and exceptional culture. No matter which state you select, you will find interesting and stimulating sites to visit, along with exceptional bed & breakfasts designed to welcome you in style.

The Massachusetts inns included on our registry all represent the finest around the country. Each and every one has its own style and flavor, sharing great hospitality and a dedication to making sure each visitor has the best possible time, whether it is a business trip, a romantic getaway, or a family vacation.

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Best Inns For Family Gatherings

Gazebo ViewTaking the family on vacation or finding a great locale where everyone can meet is often a challenge. Selecting the right ambiance for bringing a group together where everyone can have the best possible experience hinges on a range of factors including the surrounding area and space a given establishment offers.

At Select Registry we keep ourselves informed regarding the best inns for family gatherings, and we have decided to present a very short list to give a small cross section of what our member inns offer.

Swift House Inn

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Outside Wedding Venues that Will Help You Plan Your Special Day

syMercersburgInn10forJHPlanning your wedding in the warm spring or summer months means you can have a glorious ceremony outdoors. There are many venues at Select Registry that will provide you will all the necessary guidance in order to help you plan your special day.


Designing Every Nuance of Your Event

Working with an event specialist who can help you design every nuance of your ceremony and reception means you can relax knowing that your day will be just as you imagined it. The following Inns are just a handful out of our wide selection, with each one offering impeccable service, the perfect environment, and a chance to make a memory that will far outdo any dream.

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