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Fall Colors in Blue Hill, Maine, on a Vacation of a Lifetime

While our Vacation of a Lifetime grand prize winners were exploring the Lone Star State, runners-up Roger and Mary Coe used their Select Registry gift certificate for an autumn trip to coastal Maine. 

Our timing was perfect for another wonderful stay at the Blue Hill Inn, a charming B&B in the seaside village of Blue Hill, Maine. The fall colors of the trees painted the hills with a kaleidoscope of colors which was illuminated by the sun and blended by a gentle breeze.

Blue Hill Inn Exterior, Guests with Innkeeper

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Some of the Best Luxury Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon

Known for its ruggedly beautiful coastline and spectacular natural wonders, the Oregon Coast offers some of America’s most breathtaking scenery. From the invigorating waters and stunning panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, to rolling hills dotted by refined wineries and the rustic wilderness and majestic mountains, the state has so much to offer travelers. Select Registry is proud to feature the very best of Oregon’s bed and breakfast gems, a few of which we’ll name here.

Capital elegance in Portland at the historic White House

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Low Budget Wedding Venues that Set High Expectations

You don’t have to be a millionaire to have a wedding that makes you and your guests feel like royalty. Our Select Registry Inns boast some of the most exceptional settings in which to take your vows and celebrate the event, with hospitality that matches the finest and grandest hotels in the nation. Below you will find just a few selections that will help you create the right magic for your wedding, without having to break the bank.

The Iris Inn Bed & Breakfast

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Some of the Most Romantic Country Inns In New Hampshire

At Select Registry, we know that many of you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway for those moments when you need to reconnect with your loved one. We have decided to focus on New Hampshire b&b’s to bring you some of our favorite spots in this beautiful state.

Home Hill Country Inn

In Plainfield, New Hampshire on the edge of the Connecticut River on the border of Vermont, this Federal style Inn boasts gorgeous views from every angle. Enjoy the elegantly furnished rooms, top-notch service, and gracious hospitality that make Home Hill Country Inn a favorite for those looking for romance in a highly intimate setting.

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Travel Back In Time With Oregon’s Historic Inns

Travel Back In Time With Oregon’s Historic Inns

The magnificent state of Oregon is known for many things, not the least of which are its historic and culturally rich towns. Surrounded by awe-inspiring nature, you can go just about anywhere in Oregon and still be in the midst of some of the greenest landscapes, breathing the purest air you can find.

Land with Purity and Splendor

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Discover The Rustic Yet Elegant Beauty of Oregon’s Scenic Inns

Discover The Rustic Yet Elegant Beauty of Oregon’s Scenic Inns

Here at Select Registry, we celebrate one of the country’s most extraordinary states, with its wild coastline, majestic mountains, and rolling valleys dotted with world-class vineyards. Oregon is truly a place where you can enjoy a retreat in the best that nature has to offer, taking advantage of perfectly appointed scenic inns that provide the ultimate in hospitality.

A Prime Location for the Ideal Getaway

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All Inclusive Bed and Breakfast Senior Packages in Florida

All Inclusive Bed and Breakfast Senior Packages

You’ve been together for a long time, and maybe you’ve made it a practice to get away on a regular basis through the years. Or maybe it’s only now that you are deciding to take the time to venture out to new areas around the country, or to celebrate an anniversary, or just to take some time in a fresh environment to renew your vision of the world and each other.

Just Right for Seniors

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Historic Bed and Breakfasts in Washington State for Weddings

Historic Bed and Breakfasts in Washington State for Weddings

Select Registry offers several unique properties that can provide a truly unforgettable setting and an unparalleled experience for your wedding day. These gorgeous bed and breakfast inns of Washington State offer a singular setting of tranquility and beauty to frame your special event. From majestic Olympic mountain views to the stunning sights of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, whether rustic village charm or elegant, luxurious private vineyards, there are so many unique places that can make your wedding day as unique as your life together.

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Indulge Yourself in the Natural Landscapes of Washington’s Coastal Inns

Indulge Yourself in the Natural Landscapes of Washington’s Coastal Inns

There are so many reasons to be attracted to the Evergreen state, not the least of which is the juxtaposition of so much culture along with an endless opportunity to enjoy big nature at its best. Take your pick of Select Registry inns in the area. Depending on the kind of getaway you want to enjoy, whether it is to take part in all that an exceptional city like Portland has to offer or to bask in the vast luxury of Washington’s natural resources, there is an inn perfect for your visit.

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5 Luxury Bed and Breakfast Deals in New York

5 Luxury Bed and Breakfast Deals in New York

You don’t need a reason to get away. When you feel like you’ve had enough of the regular life, it’s time to book something that will take you out of your routine and into a few days of altered reality.

Enhancing Your Perspective on Life

There are some exceptional choices when it comes to luxury bed and breakfast locations, and at Select Registry we have already picked out a few located in some of the most majestic areas in New York. We believe that taking the time to breathe in fresh air, take in new surroundings, and enjoy time for yourself is the best way to enhance your perspective on life. Please take a look, and then let us know which of these marvelous five tickle your fancy.

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