Why You Should Visit Mt. Washington New Hampshire This Summer

mt washington new hampshireBy taking a trip to Mt. Washington New Hampshire you will be visiting the highest peak in the Northeastern part of the United States. Heading there this summer is highly advisable, as well, since the summer months of June, July, and August are the only three months of the year when the average temperature is above 50 degrees. This can provide the perfect climate for folks looking to escape the extreme heat. Not only can you enjoy the brisk temperatures during summer, but you will also be able to go for a hike or explore the mountain on an ATV. You can also take your adventure to the water with a cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee. Here are some more details about how to have fun at Mt. Washington New Hampshire this summer.

Mt. Washington Hiking

Hiking to the top of Mt. Washington is anything but a leisurely stroll. You will face challenges along the way with the rugged, rocky, and steep mountain. Some hiking experience and physical ability are recommended before you begin your journey. When you get to the top, though, you will be able to boast about summiting such a formidable peak.

Mt. Washington Auto Road

Hiking up to the top isn’t for everyone, but there are other ways to get there. The Mt. Washington Auto Road is a route you can take. Visitors are able to drive themselves up to the top, or you can partake in a guided tour that will last about two hours. Another way to ascend up the road is by driving an ATV. While individual ATV traffic isn’t allowed, well-organized groups of 30-35 ATV riders (depending on the time of day) will be permitted to take a trip upwards.

Mt. Washington Cruise

Wait a second… A Cruise near Mt. Washington New Hampshire? You’ve got to be joking, right? Well, we aren’t! Head just a bit south of the mountain to Lake Winnipesaukee and experience an excellent cruise between May and October. Mount Washington Cruises offers scenic daytime and sunset dinner dance cruises. The three vessels – M/S Mount Washington, M/V Doris E., and M/V Sophie C – will take you to five ports on Lake Winnipesaukee.  You can purchase your ticket aboard one of the ships starting from $30.

Mt. Washington Lodging

The Northeast United States are replete with a number of Select Registry properties and New Hampshire Bed and Breakfasts. This makes it nice for visitors to know that a distinguished inn is just around the corner to provide them with a remarkable stay. The Notchland Inn Bed & Breakfast, the Inn on Golden Pond, and the Inn at Ellis River are three special inns that are waiting for you to visit Mt. Washington. The Notchland Inn was built in 1862 and is located on a 100-acre estate in the White Mountain National Forest. The Inn on Golden Pond is walking distance to Squam Lake, which was the shooting location of the movie On Golden Pond (1981). Lastly, the Inn at Ellis River is by a sparkling stream in the Mt. Washington valley. Visit Select Registry and book your stay at one of these inns today!

Photo courtesy Joe Shlabotnik

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