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Mount Storm Lake WV Water Activities

Mount Storm Lake WVWarm weather has finally arrived and with it, your summer vacation! When planning your getaway, it can be difficult determining where you would like to go. Mount Storm Lake WV offers visitors a place to swim, speed on a boat, sail in the warm summer breeze, kayak around the waters edge, Jet Ski, or just relax on the banks! Located in the rugged Allegheny Mountains of northeastern West Virginia, the lake offers a picturesque view of some of the best scenery in the east. The 1,200-acre lake, built to serve the power station, is open to the public for recreation. The lake is 3,100 feet elevation above sea level and expands across 3,244 feet of land.

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Plan a Visit to McNary National Wildlife Refuge

McNary National Wildlife RefugeWhen you hear someone mention the state of Washington, you might think of rainy weather or the city of Seattle. However, the state of Washington has more to offer than just wet weather. Wildlife enthusiasts will be in awe at the McNary National Wildlife Refuge, which extends along the east bank of the Columbia River in southeastern Washington. The refuge welcomes migratory birds, native plants, and human visitors alike, to come and enjoy the beautiful nature of Washington.


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A Maritime Favorite: Mystic Seaport, CT

Mystic Seaport, CTWhen someone mentions a seaport, you might immediately imagine a beautiful sunset on the horizon with boat sails casting shadows on the water or mouthwatering seafood freshly caught the morning of. Whatever might come to your attention, one of the best places to visit is Mystic Seaport CT. Visitors of Mystic Seaport get to experience the landscape, sailing around on a cruise or strolling through a world-renowned maritime museum, featuring exhibit halls and historical interpreters. This maritime favorite is guaranteed to make your vacation to Connecticut an unforgettable one.


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More Vacation of a Lifetime Adventures with Michele Chandler

The following is a blog post from Select Registry Vacation of a Lifetime winner Michele Chandler. Here is the original publication.

I was lucky to be able to squeeze in a quick 5-day trip with my friend Bev just before Easter.

We set our course for upstate NY and southern Vermont, hoping for the first blast of spring to welcome us in the highlands and mountains.  As we approached Cooperstown from the north, wind-whipped snow-covered fields prevailed with icy road conditions. Mother Nature was not going to let winter go gently into the night.

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Why It’s Time for a Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip?

Pacific Coast Highway Road TripIf you enjoy 85-degree weather, sand between your toes, and the salty ocean breeze, now is the time to plan your Pacific coast highway road trip! Don’t know where to start? Find San Francisco, California on the map and start heading south down the gorgeous Pacific coastline. If you need more reasons than the fantastic weather and the gorgeous beaches to convince you to take the trip of a lifetime, then you’re in luck. Here are numerous other reasons to take a Pacific coast highway road trip!


Things to See and Do along the Pacific Coast

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Educational Things to do in Macon, GA

Things to do in Macon, GA Sometimes called the “Song and Soul of the South”, Macon, GA has friendly people, fantastic food, history, and fun things for everyone! The things to do in Macon, GA are endless. You can hike through the ancient Indian mounds or experience the state’s largest collection of African American art. Stroll down wide avenues lined with art galleries, boutiques, and architecture or sample delicious food. As you plan your trip, put a few of these things to do in Macon, GA on your itinerary!

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

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Summer Things to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Things to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming With summer right around the corner, planning a vacation is probably at the top of your to-do list. Escaping to Jackson Hole for you trip will make your retreat a relaxing and memorable one. Summertime in Jackson Hole offers endless activities from golfing on the fairway to horseback riding through the wilderness. We don’t want you to be overwhelmed by the many choices that you have, so here is a list of the best summer things to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!


Horseback Riding

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Door County Wisconsin Tourism Sites

Door County WisconsinWhat’s your idea of a perfect Midwest vacation? Exploring state parks and breathing in the fresh air? Canoeing around an island or sitting in a plush chair at the water’s edge with a stack of intriguing books? Or do see yourself touring the historical sites of Door County? With more than 300 miles of impressive shoreline, five splendid state parks and several historical sites, Door County Wisconsin is a wonderful place to enjoy your summer. Below is information on many of Door County Wisconsin’s best tourism sites and the great Wisconsin bed and breakfasts you can enjoy.


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Western New York Attractions You May Not Know About

western new york attractionsWhen you think about Western New York, where does your mind immediately shift? If you are one who typically has food and drink on your brain, then maybe Mighty Taco, chicken wings, birch beer, or Loganberry come to mind (as well they should!). Perhaps you are a person who quickly remembers natural beauty, in which case Niagara Falls could come crashing to your brain. Often times, though, it’s the not-as-popular restaurants or landmarks that can leave the longest impression. Take a look at some of these Western New York attractions that you might not know about but that you would be sure to remember if you get the chance to experience.

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Discover These McMinnville, Oregon Wineries

Oregon wineriesDid you know that the state of Oregon is a world-class wine region with 17 approved winegrowing regions and more than 540 wineries? Since you probably don’t have time to read about 540 Oregon wineries, we wanted to narrow the search down a bit and tell you a about the wineries in McMinnville, Oregon. But before we do that, let’s learn a little bit about the city.

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