An Unforgettable Morning at Shiloh Morning Inn

2013 Vacation of a Lifetime winners at Shiloh Morning Inn, Ardmore, OKWho would imagine that close to Ardmore, Oklahoma is a secluded jewel of a B&B, Shiloh Morning Inn. Warren and I chose this as our next destination in our Vacation of a Lifetime adventure. We arrived late Friday afternoon and were met by David Pfau who showed us to our Bluebird Cottage at Shiloh Morning Inn that was wonderfully furnished and decorated with exceptional art that his wife Jessica chose.

After treating ourselves to some oughta-be-world-famous cookies, we explored some of the 73 acres of beautiful grounds, accompanied by the porch cat, Eggs. Later that evening, we enjoyed dinner, especially David’s peanut butter silk pie. Warren and I watched a movie in front of a fire and then slept soundly.

The next morning we were treated to a breakfast fit for a king. First came a delicious smoothie. The second course consisted of a three cheese and bacon soufflé, served with rosemary potatoes. Muffins coated with powdered sugar were our dessert. We didn’t think we would ever be hungry again! After having enjoyed the Pfau’s wonderful hospitality, we packed the car and headed to the Chickasaw Cultural Center, where we learned about the Chickasaw culture from people with delightful Oklahoma accents.

Ardmore may be a little off the beaten path, but the Shiloh Morning Inn is worth the drive to experience the beauty of nature, wonderful accommodations, great food, and gracious hospitality.

– Janet

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