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An Unforgettable Morning at Shiloh Morning Inn

2013 Vacation of a Lifetime winners at Shiloh Morning Inn, Ardmore, OKWho would imagine that close to Ardmore, Oklahoma is a secluded jewel of a B&B, Shiloh Morning Inn. Warren and I chose this as our next destination in our Vacation of a Lifetime adventure. We arrived late Friday afternoon and were met by David Pfau who showed us to our Bluebird Cottage at Shiloh Morning Inn that was wonderfully furnished and decorated with exceptional art that his wife Jessica chose.

After treating ourselves to some oughta-be-world-famous cookies, we explored some of the 73 acres of beautiful grounds, accompanied by the porch cat, Eggs. Later that evening, we enjoyed dinner, especially David’s peanut butter silk pie. Warren and I watched a movie in front of a fire and then slept soundly.

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Select Registry Inns’ Chefs Featured in Cookbook

Several Chefs from Select Registry properties have been featured in the cookbook, Chefs of the Mountains: Recipes from Western North Carolina. The cookbook, which was published in late 2012, was recently nominated for Best Cookbook by the  Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance.

Author John E. Batchelor sought out chefs who are creating culinary masterpieces in the mountains of Western North Carolina for his book. He interviewed each of the 40 chefs featured to explore their cooking philosophies, culinary influences and personalities. Interesting and entertaining information from these interviews are included in the book, followed by recipes these renowned chefs are growing famous for.

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Select Registry Inns Located in’s Best Small Towns recently named its 20 best towns in America. But they didn’t just randomly choose towns they like. They did their research. They limited their search to towns with populations less than 15,000. Then using statistical data from geographical information company Esri, they determined the towns with the highest concentrations of museums, art galleries, historical sites and other cultural draws.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are Select Registry inns in nearly half of these small towns. commented that “the top towns also boasted heartwarming settings where the air is a little fresher, the grass greener, the pace gentler than in metropolitan America. Genererally, they’re devoted to preserving their historic centers, encouraging talent and support careful economic growth.” This sounds a lot like how many of our innkeepers describe their inns and locations.

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Celebrate Spring with a “Fun for Foodies” Getaway

As much as we want to be outside and enjoy spring this time of the year, the weather just doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Parts of Colorado are getting tornados and snow in the same day. Minnesota just  received a fresh coating of snow. There are flood warnings in parts of Michigan. This list of unpleasant spring weather happenings could go on for nearly all 50 states. So how should we celebrate the arrival of spring?

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North Carolina Inns Help Visitors Enjoy “Beer Month”

With more than 75 breweries and more than any other state between Pennsylvania and Texas, it is easy to see why North Carolina calls itself the “place for beer lovers.” Regional beer culture, including festivals, beer weeks and other events, culminates with the state’s beer month: April 2013. The month of festivities is presented as a joint effort between the North Carolina Division of Tourism and the North Carolina Brewers Guild.

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Enjoy A Peaceful Escape To These World Renowned California Inns

There are so many wonderful spots to visit in California, which has made the state one of the major destinations for vacationers. Northern California in particular boasts a plethora of exquisite sites and exhilarating activities, and at Select Registry, we have chosen a few of our favorite inns that will add to your pleasures.

Groveland Hotel

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Enjoy A Taste Of The South At Our Top Bed and Breakfast Destinations

Let’s face it, there is nothing like Southern hospitality. For putting you at ease in gorgeous settings, a Southern bed & breakfast really does the trick, and this is why we decided to put together a very short list of some of our favorite destinations.

The Lodge on Lake Lure

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the majestic Hickory Nut Gorge, one of most expansive canyons in the nation spanning 14 miles, you will find the Lodge on Lake Lure. This North Carolina bed & breakfast features breathtaking vistas, which is why many film companies have been drawn to the location, using Lake Lure as their backdrop.

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