Planning the Perfect Weekend

Because the word “perfect” is so subjective, the first step that a person must take in planning an ideal getaway is determining what criteria must be met in order to create a dream weekend away. While one person might find a day of hiking in the mountains followed by a good cuddle by a crackling fire Nirvana, another person might consider that boring and prefer sleeping in till noon and bar hopping the evening away. No matter how much money or time you spend planning what you consider a perfect weekend, it won’t be a success if you don’t take into consideration your companion or companions’ preferences.

Once you narrow down the type of activities you and your companion want to enjoy, Planning the Perfect Weekendselecting a location to enjoy them in is next. If you are looking to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and tranquility, head out to the country or the beach. If, on the other hand, you are in need of some serious fun and action, head to the big city or look into a festival, concert or other event that you have been dying to attend your whole life.

Your choice of accommodations is critical when planning a perfect weekend. Many people mindlessly book a room in a big chain hotel because that is what they’ve done for most of their life or what their parents always did. Chain hotels have their place in the travel world. They can be great for business stays, but choosing one for a perfect weekend could be a huge mistake. Remember the last time you stayed in a huge multi-level hotel only to find that there was a very large soccer tournament being held in the area and your lodging was now temporary home to hoards of teenagers roaming the halls and playing ding-dong ditch?

A bed and breakfast is a much better choice when planning a perfect weekend, especially a romantic one. No large groups will be stampeding the halls or throwing wild parties in the room next door. You also won’t have to deal with the types of annoyances that often occur when booking a room in a huge hotel, such as finding out that your accommodations are next to a loud elevator that you can hear whooshing endlessly up and down all night or that you are sleeping (or trying to sleep) over the hotel’s bar where a live band and its bass are thumping right underneath your bed.

Rooms in bed and breakfasts also tend to be beautifully and memorably appointed, which is a big difference from the sterile, charmless and identically furnished units that are found in chain hotels.

In addition, while the staff at large hotels tend to be impersonal, bed and breakfasts are usually run by an owner-operator who cares very much if you are enjoying your stay, as the success of his inn is dependent on return business and good word of mouth. This is important because in the long run it is often the little things that can make or break a perfect weekend. For instance, how many times have you been in a hotel room and discovered that something was missing, dirty or broken and called the front desk for help, only to have nothing done about your complaint? It is little aggravations like these that can end up ruining everyone’s mood and, thus, any chances of having a perfect weekend.

In bed and breakfasts, where there are usually a small number of guests, you are more likely to have your complaint or requests addressed immediately, especially since it is typically the owner-operator who will handle the situation from start to finish.

Accommodations aside, the issue of where, when and what to eat during your weekend is Planning the Perfect Weekendanother important factor that can really make or break a weekend. It is definitely not a good idea to leave meal planning to chance. Do your research of the restaurants in the area you are planning to visit in order to get an idea of the establishments that will best fit your plans. A five-star gourmet French restaurant may sound perfect to you, but if your companion dislikes this type of cuisine, it could ruin the evening rather than enhance it.

Make reservations whenever possible. While not all restaurants take them, just calling an establishment to reserve a table may turn up important information that can really save a weekend. For instance, it may be prom weekend in the town you are visiting and all the restaurants in the area are booked until 10 pm, or there might be some other large event, a marathon or cheerleading competition, that you were unaware of that could make getting a table impossible.

Additionally, in some small towns, especially in off season resorts, restaurants may close surprisingly early. So if you don’t look into your dining options beforehand, you and your companion may end up returning to your room hungry and more than a little cranky.

Of course, bed and breakfasts have another advantage over a hotel in this regard as well – at least in terms of the first meal of the day. As their name implies, these establishments serve their guests breakfasts. And not just any breakfast. Typically, bed and breakfasts pride themselves on serving homemade, top quality breakfasts, with some establishments proudly serving local specialties. Many inns will go one step better and actually deliver the meals to a guest’s room. While you can, of course, always get room service in a large hotel, it will typically not be able to match the quality of an inn’s.

Sadly, many people shy away from bed and breakfasts because they are afraid they will have to look up each inn individually. Other people are unsure as to where to even start looking for a bed and breakfast. Fear not, as has gathered together the best inns in one spot, making a search for your perfect weekend bed and breakfast a whole lot easier than it has ever been in the past. Just click and search, and will help you locate the ideal accommodations for your perfect weekend.

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