Planning A Romantic Getaway

Planning A Romantic GetawayWhether you are looking to seduce your new special someone with a dramatic gesture, or you love the idea of spicing things up with your long-term significant other, its time to think about a romantic getaway. Some people think about romantic getaways and shiveringly imagine heart-shaped beds and mirrored ceilings, but the truth of the matter is that the successful romantic getaway is the one that only the two of you could do together.


First trip of the Relationship? Anniversary? Simply Need a Romantic Getaway? Let us help you make it absolutely Perfect!

In the first place, consider what activities you both love. For the nature lovers, a secluded bed and breakfast may be pure romance, though it might shock and appall a significant other who preferred chain hotels and city life. This activity might have been something that you have enjoyed together or something that you might have always wanted to do. There is no time like the present to make some fantastic memories.


Planning a Romantic Getaway - Bed and Breakfast

Ask your significant other to clear his or her schedule. Plenty of romantic getaways go awry when the person who is being treated is made unavailable. Ask them to clear the day and to make sure that they are free of social concerns. While it is tempting to surprise them, you’ll find that this is something that can have serious drawbacks unless you are extremely careful. While this removes some of the spontaneity, it ensures a smoother trip.

Don’t let the Rain be the one to ruin your Getaway!

Check the weather before you start your planning, especially if you are thinking of doing something out of doors. There’s nothing as disappointing as finding out that a romantic picnic has been rained out, or that there is a heat wave that is going to make you melt if you even leave the house. Check a few different weather services to figure out what you should be doing and when.

Get Lose! Be Spontaneous

Planning A Romantic GetawayDon’t be afraid to be silly. Some romantic excursions are no more complicated than going out somewhere fun and riding a Ferris wheel. You know your significant other well, so why not let them get a little ridiculous? Take them out and indulge them, or spoil them with something that they have been missing for years, even if they never knew it.

Leave things loose. Once you have a broad outline of what you want to do, don’t be afraid to simply leave some holes in your schedule. No matter where you go, there are secrets waiting to be discovered. Go to a town you have never been to before, or head to a place that was important to you, but unknown to your partner. This is something that can help you forge a deeper, more exciting relationship with each other. Sharing helps you create the love that you are after.

Don’t let your loved one even touch the bags

Pack for your significant other. This is something that is only to be tried if you know the other person very well. If you are planning to make the trip a complete surprise, this adds to the big reveal at the end. While some people love this, other people hate it, so consider your significant other carefully.

Ask a friend! (PS. Not the single ones)

Consult with your friends. Ask them about the area where you are planning to go, and see if anyone has any great tips for you. You never know when someone knows the best secret seafood place on the coast or if one of your friends is related to a wilderness guide or the captain of a touring boat.

Change the Climate

One of the most wonderfully shocking feelings is flying or driving from a warm place to a cold one, or vice versa. If you have the cash, spring for a southern vacation in the winter or a trip to a snowy cabin in the summer. The change in climate really tells your significant other that you are both far away from it all.

Off with the BK, make every day Date Day

Make your meals an occasion. Skip the fast food on the road and try to make every meal something special. For dinner, splurge on nights at fun restaurants, and at lunch, cut costs with a packed picnic basket. If you are staying at a bed and breakfast, you have the first meal of the day covered, so remember to try a little bit of everything.


Planning A Romantic Getaway

When you are on the road and spending some time together, set aside one dinner and declare it your date night. Even if you are spending the rest of the time together, prepare for the date separately and then spend the evening romancing each other.

Take Care of All the Home Worries

Set things up at home. Some people are worriers, and they can’t leave unless they are sure that everything is covered. Take a load off of your companion’s mind by tending to everything before you leave. This ranges from arranging pet sitting and plant care to paying all the bills in advance so you can avoid coming home to a paperwork scramble. Remember that it does no good to have a relaxing vacation if you come back to immediate stress.

Relaxation is Key

Planning A Romantic GetawayTreasure your downtime together. This is supposed to be a romantic getaway, and one of the big pluses is that you have time to spend with your partner. Emphasize that this is an experience that you could not be having without them, and that they are the one that makes this special for you. Talk about things that you have seen or take the time to simply sit and read together. Time spent together and enjoying each other’s company is not wasted time.

Invest in a late checkout. Hotels and bed and breakfasts may ask you to check out anywhere from ten until noon, so ask them if you can pay a little extra for a late checkout option. A late checkout gives you a stress-free departure, and it can give you some extra time for snuggling in bed.

Remember to utilize the resources that are at your fingertips. The internet can help you plan the romantic getaway of your dreams. Visit Select Registry to find the romantic experience you want. Think about where you want to go with your significant other and some weekend, sweep them off their feet.


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