Golden Quill Loyalty Program Conversion Deadline Approaching


Still have an old stamp card like this? Get it to us by July 1 to have your stamps converted to the new program.

This weekend is the deadline for conversion from the old Golden Quill stamp program to the new online program.

We will honor all requests postmarked or emailed to us on or before July 1st.

Here’s what you need to do:

Make sure you print out the Conversion Form and send us the completed form, along with your old stamp card, pictured here, to us (postmarked or emailed no later than July 1) and we’ll convert it to the new Golden Quill program and count it towards your future rewards.

We have received hundreds of requests and are working hard to process them as quickly as possible. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.  Thank you for your continued support of Select Registry and happy summer!

Will Carlson
Executive Director

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3 Responses to Golden Quill Loyalty Program Conversion Deadline Approaching

  1. Dorothea Fairley says:

    Is there a reward program anymore and if so, what do I do to sign up. I’ve stayed at the wonderful Captain Lord Mansion in Maine and wondered if any of my stays can still be rewarded?

  2. Debra Ackley says:

    Do we have enough accumulated stay points to qualify for $100 discount????

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