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The Best Weekend Getaway Spots In Florida

Florida, with its spectacular beaches, amusement parks and historical significance, is a favorite destination for millions of tourists every year. The “Sunshine State” offers much in the way of opportunities for perfect weekend getaways all over the state. Although there are too many of these to list, here are a few suggestions for those who are looking for a couple of days of relaxation and fun. All of these locations offer appealing bed and breakfast accommodations.

Key WestBed and Breakfast Deals

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Planning the Perfect Weekend

Because the word “perfect” is so subjective, the first step that a person must take in planning an ideal getaway is determining what criteria must be met in order to create a dream weekend away. While one person might find a day of hiking in the mountains followed by a good cuddle by a crackling fire Nirvana, another person might consider that boring and prefer sleeping in till noon and bar hopping the evening away. No matter how much money or time you spend planning what you consider a perfect weekend, it won’t be a success if you don’t take into consideration your companion or companions’ preferences.

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Bed And Breakfast at Boston

One of the most culturally rich cities in North America, Boston is the perfect weekend getaway destination for newlyweds, history buffs and art lovers. Boston is a wonderful mix of Old World charm and New World innovation. From the famous Beacon Hill neighborhood to the relaxing Boston Commons visitors to this metropolis will never run short on sightseeing opportunities. An exciting way to explore the city and all it has to offer will include a stay at one of the beautifully furnished Massachusetts bed and breakfast inns located throughout the region.

Gorgeous Bed & Breakfast InnsBed And Breakfast at Boston

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All Inclusive Bed And Breakfasts In New York

When most people think of New York, they think of New York City. While Manhattan and the surrounding areas offer a lot of excitement, too many people forget that upstate New York is one of the most relaxing country atmospheres you’re going to find anywhere in the country. You will be able to find standard hotels, but taking this approach leaves much to be desired. The amenities are plentiful, but it simply doesn’t match the country atmosphere. For the best vacation experience in upstate New York, stay at a New York b&b.

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All Inclusive Weekend Getaway

Some vacations require you to pay for each aspect of your trip separately, such as food, lodging and activities. However, some venues allow you to purchase an all-inclusive package that includes everything you need for your vacation. You will only need to find a way to get to your destination. Going on an all-inclusive weekend getaway gives you the enjoyment of time away without the hassle of paying for all the details one by one. Many all-inclusive vacation packages will include everything you need to have a wonderful vacation.

LodgingAll Inclusive Weekend Getaway

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Where Can I Find A Bed And Breakfast?

When you’re planning a vacation, nothing beats the comfort of a top-rated inn or bed and breakfast. However, not all home away from homes are created equal. Select Registry does the research so you don’t have to; From spa retreats and warm beaches to sophisticated cities and the great outdoors, choose from hundreds of options to find the perfect place to stay.

Continental United States

You’ll find the largest concentration of luxurious bed and breakfasts along the East Coast, from Florida to Maine. Select Registry also highlights the best options along the West Coast and around the Great Lakes, with high-quality bed and breakfasts scattered throughout such states as Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas and Missouri.

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Romantic Inns at North Carolina

North Carolina is known for its gracious hospitality as well as its stately mansions. When these two features combine, the result is an elegant inn with superb customer service. Steeped in history, each inn offers a unique, romantic experience as a vacation destination or for travelers passing through.

Romantic Inns North CarolinaThe Greystone Inn is on the shores of Lake Toxaway, the largest private lake in North Carolina. In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains at 3,000 feet above sea level, it offers a fantastic vacation during every season. Tennis, golf, hiking and a fitness center are available as well as many water activities. The swimming pool is heated throughout the summer. They also have a spa with professional staff and a complimentary Champagne cruise around the lake aboard their private yacht when weather permits.

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