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Golden Quill Loyalty Program Conversion Deadline Approaching

Still have an old stamp card like this? Get it to us by July 1 to have your stamps converted to the new program.

This weekend is the deadline for conversion from the old Golden Quill stamp program to the new online program.

We will honor all requests postmarked or emailed to us on or before July 1st.

Here’s what you need to do:

Make sure you print out the Conversion Form and send us the completed form, along with your old stamp card, pictured here, to us (postmarked or emailed no later than July 1) and we’ll convert it to the new Golden Quill program and count it towards your future rewards.

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The Best Romantic Escapes

The Best Romantic EscapesTake A Vacation To A Romantic Paradise

There is nothing more romantic than a getaway to a distinguished inn or bed and breakfast. At Select Registry, we do our best to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service, and that all you and your loved one need to do is to relax and focus on each other in a luxurious and stunning environment.

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St. Elena Bed And Breakfasts

St. Elena Bed And BreakfastsA Place You can Truly feel At Home

The conventional hotel just doesn’t cut it sometimes. A more home-like feel is sometimes necessary for travelers who feel like they need to be more comfortable on their journeys. St. Elena bed and breakfasts offer a place to relax and call home for as many nights as you need. You’ll truly enjoy the beautiful rooms in all of their glory. Each room is thoroughly cleaned, swept, and taken care of properly before you’re shown to your night’s destination. The rooms are stocked with everything you need to have a great, clean, quiet sleeping experience.

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What Is The Best Bed And Breakfast In California?

Find the Best Bed & Breakfast for Your Vacation Stay

Choosing the best Bed & Breakfast in What Is The Best Bed And Breakfast In CaliforniaCalifornia isn’t an easy task. Actually, it’s impossible. There are too many wonderful Bed & Breakfasts in California to choose from. However, instead of focusing on one specific California Bed & Breakfast, we will focus on the best city for Bed & Breakfasts. This will lead you in the right direction and one of the best vacation experiences of your life.

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Bed And Breakfast In Tahoe

Come See the Beauty of Lake TahoeBed And Breakfast In Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is arguably the prettiest location in the United States. The only people who will debate this are those who haven’t been there. When you talk to someone who has been to Lake Tahoe, they usually sigh because they miss it so much. This is not an exaggeration. The reason Lake Tahoe is so appealing is because it offers something for everyone. The first key to its success, however, is the scenery. How can you beat a natural lake with a backdrop of white-capped mountains? This is also a great place to watch a beautiful sunset with the one you love. These moments will be treasured. At that exact moment, you know you’re the luckiest couple on earth. If you would like to maximize your Lake Tahoe experience, then stay at a Bed & Breakfast.

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Laguna Beach Spas

Laguna Beach SpasA Trip to a Luxurious Spa is Just What You Need

A visit to southwestern California’s Laguna Beach will encourage you to relax and indulge yourself in one of the many spas in Laguna Beach. This picturesque seaside resort and artist community has a wide variety of day spas to offer you the ultimate in relaxation techniques. Indulge yourself by visiting one of the local spas in Laguna Beach during your stay.

Massage therapy has been around for thousands of years as skilled professionals use long sweeping motions and other techniques to relieve stress or pain from the body. These therapies have become so popular due to the feeling of overall well-being it encompasses. Treat yourself and keep your body in balance with nature.

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Key West Bed and Breakfast Inns

Key West Bed and Breakfast InnsWhat Better Place to Visit For Fun in the Sun Than Key West

If you’re planning the perfect Key West vacation getaway, you can’t do better than to make reservations at any one of the many bed and breakfast inns located throughout the island. Key West is famous for its history, and many of the bed and breakfasts are as famous — and legendary — as the island itself. If you stay in a local guesthouse, you’ll have the good fortune to experience living in one of the most beautiful homes in America.

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Top-Rated Bed and Breakfasts In Florida

Top Rated Bed and Breakfasts In FloridaHot Summer Nights In Florida

Thanks to its tropical climate and overall beauty and hospitality, Florida is a majestic place to stay any time of year, and to the delight of those who visit, the state offers more than meets the eye. For travelers wishing to kick up their heels and enjoy the sand and surf, it holds a limitless array of options, including some of the best bed and breakfasts the southeastern U.S. has to offer.

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Romantic Bed And Breakfasts In Florida

Florida might be known as the best place to vacation in the United States, but Florida is a large state. There are many different types of places to visit. While the most popular tourist areas all have beaches, they’re still different in many other respects. For example, cities on the east coast might have gorgeous beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, but these areas are often too crowded. Cities on the west coast might offer the Gulf of Mexico for peace and relaxation, but unless you’re in Clearwater Beach, you’re not going to find much in the way of activities and attractions.

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