Spring Travel at Select Registry Distinguished Inns

By Spencer Spellman

This is one of my favorite times of the year. If you’re like most of the U.S. and Canada, come springtime, you’re itching to get out to enjoy warm weather and new destinations. Spring is my favorite season to travel for many reasons. There’s a certain glimmer to spring travel. The temperatures are rising, and the flowers are blooming, providing a fresh head start on the travel season before summer tourism kicks into high gear.

As you’re planning your spring trips, I recommend a stay at Select Registry’s Distinguished Inns of North America. Let me start off by saying that this recommendation isn’t coming from what many may consider your typical bed and breakfast traveler. I’m a single, male, twenty-something, who spends most of the year traveling solo, yet B&Bs are often my lodgings of choice. Travel is a personal experience for me. I know that by staying at a bed and breakfast, and especially a Select Registry bed and breakfast, I’m getting a personal touch that I won’t receive elsewhere.

I’ve been familiar with Select Registry for a couple years, staying at member properties frequently. I especially appreciated Select Registry last fall when I did a 13-state road trip, in which I stayed at a different member inn each evening. Using the Select Registry website and guidebook, I was able to plot an itinerary across the U.S. that stopped at a different property each day.

One of the most notable features about Select Registry is the association’s quality assurance program. It operates on a stringent quality inspection protocol, which determines membership in the elite portfolio. Requirements for each inn include, but are not limited to: impeccable housekeeping; attractive and well furnished reception area with complimentary snacks/drinks; spacious guestrooms with superior bedding and furnishings; excellent restaurants nearby; a warm, freshly baked breakfast every morning; and exceptional service that achieves just the right mix of warmth and professional ease.

Because of the high standard Select Registry has set with their quality assurance program, travelers receive a very different type of travel experience. Select Registry inns feature the service and hospitality that you would be accustomed to enjoying at the very finest hotels. While amenities vary from inn to inn, they may include complimentary afternoon drinks and hors d’oeuvres, spa services, gourmet dining, winemaking at on-site wineries, hands-on cooking classes with an inn’s celebrated chef. Before choosing a property, inquire about its packages, such as anniversary or seasonal specials, which vary from inn to inn.

As you’re planning your spring travel, I hope you’ll consider staying at a Select Registry inn. While some may be in familiar destinations, many aren’t, taking travelers off the beaten path to wonderful plaes they didn’t even know about. That’s where the personal touch of Select Registry’s innkeepers comes into play, providing a thorough knowledge of the local area. As helpful as guidebooks and websites can be, many of my best local experiences have come at the recommendation of the innkeepers.

As I’ve traveled around the U.S. to different Select Registry inns, each has had a certain character that differentiates it from others. I’ve met many fellow travelers who are also loyal to the Select Registry brand – some only staying at Select Registry inns, and others who come back to the same properties year after year. Give it a try. Your first stay at a Select Registry inn may very well have the same effect on you.

About Spencer Spellman

Flying solo for the first time at 8 years old, Spencer has been traveling ever since. Formerly the Interactive Content Editor for travel guide publisher 10Best, Spencer now travels the world, freelancing for print and digital travel publications and websites. Over the years, his travels have taken him across U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, South Africa, France and Ireland.

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