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New Jersey Luxury Hotel

The Candlelight Inn is the #1 bed & breakfast in North Wildwood, New Jersey. It’s a Queen Anne Victorian in a residential area, yet it’s only 3 blocks from the beach. Of course, the Wildwood boardwalk and beach are nearby. If you’re not familiar with the Wildwood boardwalk, it has a lot to offer, including three amusement parks, novelty shops, pizza counters, funnel cake stations, carnival games, magicians, haunted houses, mimes and much more. A tramcar is also available for easier transportation. The beach is wide and soft, just like all beaches in southern New Jersey. Other attractions and activities in the area include antique shops, art galleries, bicycling, boating, casinos, fishing, garden tours, golf, horseback riding, museums, whale watching, tennis, winery tours and kayaking or canoeing on the bay. As you can see, this isn’t just a beach town. It’s a paradise for anyone who enjoys site-seeing and activity.

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Luxurious Bed and Breakfast

Many people travel extensively throughout the United States for conventions, company wide seminars and business meetings. If you are one of them, you can probably recite the ads you have seen and used to find the cheapest places to stay overnight. But, when it comes to going on a vacation or a romantic getaway with the one you love, you want the most Luxurious Bed And Breakfast you can find. If you like to stay at different Bed & Breakfasts around the United States each time, you will find this selection very interesting.

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Romantic Inns New York

The state of New York is home to countless romantic New York inns. Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary of several years with an urban New York City getaway, or relax upstate amidst incredibly natural scenery, there are plenty of intimate and romantic accommodation options. Some of these inns are the ideal place to retreat to when the ground turns white with snow, as you cuddle up in front of a warm fireplace. Other inns are outdoor retreats, where couples can spend time hiking in near seclusion, or cooling off in stunning lakes. Whatever your taste or the occasion, you will find the perfect romantic inn in New York for your special occasion or your simple weekend get-a ways.

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Romantic Weekend Getaway Michigan

Michigan, a state in the US’ upper mid-west, is a land in the Great Lakes region. The state has as many as twelve-thousand lakes. Michigan is certainly a state of romance with miles and miles of coastline and beaches with more lighthouses than any other state in the union.

The beauty of nature in Michigan is perfect for lovely romantic getaways. Whether couples choose a historic setting, a coastal stay, or the charm of the country, love is in the air. Two people can take time to enjoy each other and be pampered in beautiful Michigan.

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Five Star Bed and Breakfast

If you are looking for a five star bed and breakfast experience, Select Registry has the resource that you need. In fact, most all inns and B&Bs associated with Select Registry guarantee visitors the five star experience. A B&B wouldn’t be a part of Select Registry with any lesser standard. Select Registry was founded as many years ago as a small directory, but now the directory has grown to include hundred of superior properties. These properties are hand-picked and undergo a thorough assessment of quality and service before being added to Select Registry as a member.

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Bed And Breakfast Gift Certificates

Having a hard time choosing a perfect gift for your loved one? The best gifts are those that allow for quality time and enjoyable memories. Giving a gift of a bed and breakfast stay, whether just a night or two, or on an extended leisure trip, you are offering the best gift to provide certain satisfaction and enjoyment. They are perfect for any number of occasions: weddings, family vacations, summer getaways, historical tours, and many more avenues.

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Elegant Bed And Breakfast

You are not late for summer vacation. You are early for autumn leaf peeping in Maine. Autumn tends to be cool and staying seaside probably is not as appealing as staying in a four-diamond Elegant Bed & Breakfast Inn. The Captain Lord Mansion is a romantic and memorable bed and breakfast accommodation. It offers unique special touches in the cozy village of Kennebunkport, ME.

Bed and Breakfast State

Maine has a large population of Bed and Breakfast Inns and historic mansions. It could gain status as the “Bed and Breakfast State” of America. In another era, the inns were grand seaside homes. Now they are historic mansions providing comfort and luxury accommodations for guests and travelers.

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Boutique Bed And Breakfast

The Swag Country Inn has been featured in National Geographic Magazine as “129 Hotels We Love.” This list is based on hotels and inns worldwide, not just in the United States. There are several reasons The Swag Country Inn made this list, but none more important than location. This peaceful and scenic hotel is located 5,000 feet high on a remote mountain in Waynesville, which is only 30 minutes from Asheville. The theme of the hotel is “nature meets luxury.’ While the hotel is extremely comfortable and clean, don’t expert modern luxury with marble bathrooms and chandeliers in the lobby. Instead, expect American rustic antiques, original artwork, handmade quilts, woven rugs and a bear-skin rug hanging above a wood-burning fireplace in the lobby. The nature aspect of the theme is extremely accurate. Adirondack chairs are spaced out along the top of the ridge, which overlooks the Great Smoky Mountains. Many different types of mammals, reptiles and birds can be spotted. And there are several hiking trails to explore. Another important note is that Great Smoky Mountain National Park borders the property for one mile and is only separated from The Swag Country Inn by a split-rail fence. Overall, this property offers 250 acres of peace, tranquility, scenery and exploration.

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Romantic Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts are the perfect location for a romantic getaway as they provide a private, secluded and warm atmosphere. You can relax and enjoy spending quality time with the one you love. The following are some of the most romantic bed and breakfasts that the world has to offer.

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Arizona Bed And Breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a lodging establishment offering overnight accommodations along with breakfast in the morning. Bed and breakfasts are unique as lodging places in that they are often offered by homeowners with guests lodging in homes themselves. These are not hotels in the strict or traditional sense, but rather private homes converted into lodging houses. Many of the properties feature an historic building style, and many are operated in older homes from past decades and even centuries. The appeal of the bed and breakfast is that it gives travelers the opportunity to lodge in a building of historical interest, while avoiding the congestion and impersonal nature of commercial hotels. Service in bed and breakfasts is often provided by the owners of the properties themselves, with meals cooked in household kitchens and served in dining rooms or even in kitchens themselves. Sometimes meals are served in guest rooms. Bigger, more successful bed and breakfasts may actually utilize professional staff, but in such a case, a bed and breakfast may be considered more a hotel. In some cases there is an economic incentive for travelers to lodge at a bed and breakfast in that some bed and breakfasts offer lodging rates lower than those of nearby hotels.

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