The 13 Best Hidden Travel Gems In Michigan

After catching a recent social media article where folks from Michigan were commenting on their favorite hidden gems, it only seemed appropriate to build out an even bigger list of what Michigan has to offer. The eleventh largest state by size, Michigan is surrounded by the massive Great Lakes and also boasts more than 26,000 inland lakes greater than an acre in size. So, when it comes to raw materials, Michigan is a veritable water wonderland.

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Head to These Warm Places to Visit in Winter When the Cold is Too Much

Warm Places to Visit In WinterWhile winter can be a season full of quiet beauty and holiday celebrations, sometimes the cold can get you down.  If you live somewhere that sees low temperatures on a regular basis, why not escape to a Select Registry property in one of these warm places to visit in winter? Here are a few hot spots:


Texas is a great choice if you’re looking for warm places to visit in winter. While temperatures can be high during summer, they’re much milder and enjoyable during the winter. And because the state is so big, there is no end to the variety of activities you can partake in. There are 7 Select Registry properties in Texas.

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5 Things to Do in Exeter, NH this Winter

Things to Do in ExeterNew England is full of beautiful and charming places to explore year round. This winter, why not pay Exeter, New Hampshire a visit? Located in Rockingham County where the Exeter River meets the Squamscott River, Exeter has a quaint small town feeling the makes it a wonderful place to plan your next getaway. The town is full of history and home to many historical landmarks as well as the well-known Phillips Exeter Academy. The abundance trails and wooded areas also create plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. While this New Hampshire gem is the ideal destination for a trip all year-round, winter brings its own charms and special activities. If you’re planning a winter excursion to this area of New England, then make sure to check out these things to in Exeter, NH this winter!

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5 of the Best States for Skiing

Best States for SkiingFor many outdoor lovers, the winter means one thing: taking to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding! It’s a hot topic debating the state that offers the best snow skiing in the USA, but everyone agrees that the country is full of great places to experience world-class skiing.  Each of the best states for skiing offer unique experiences as the mountain terrain of each is different.  However each of the 5 best states for skiing will provide you with a memorable winter adventure.

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8 Top Restaurants in Lexington KY

Top Restaurants in Lexington KYLexington, Kentucky is more than just the home of the University of Kentucky, it’s a great getaway destination.  The city is full of wonderful events to experience, places to see, and things to do.  It also happens to be home to a wide range of dining options.  From fine dining to a casual barbecue joint and everything in between the top restaurants in Lexington KY offer something to please all palates.  The selection of cuisine in this charming city is a reflection of the area’s influences, both past and present. Here are eight of the top restaurants in Lexington KY that you should consider trying.

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Find the Perfect Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast

Port Angeles Bed and BreakfastPort Angeles, Washington is a beautiful place to visit.  It’s picturesque vistas are awe inspiring, making the area a premier destination in the Pacific Northwestern region of the US.  Select Registry is glad to have two beautiful properties in Port Angeles.  When you travel to Washington state, be sure to visit a Port Angeles bed and breakfast for a relaxing and renewing experience.  Whether you want to take it easy or see all that Port Angeles has to offer, you’ll find your ideal getaway there.

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How to Celebrate a Chattanooga New Year’s Eve

Chattanooga New Year's EveAre you planning on being in Southeastern Tennessee this holiday season? If you do, be sure to consider celebrating a Chattanooga New Year’s Eve with visitors and locals alike. Chattanooga, TN boasts more than 173,000 residents and provides New Year’s Eve activities that are suitable for people of all ages and interests. We have compiled a list of just a few entertainment options that will most assuredly provide a great atmosphere for you to wave goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 with open arms.

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4 Fun Things to Do in Roanoke VA this Winter

Fun Things to Do in Roanoke VARoanoke, Virginia is a vibrant southern city with a lot to offer both residents and visitors.  Known as Star City of the South because of the iconic star that shines above the city, Roanoke has a vibrant arts scene and is full of culture and personality waiting to be discovered.  These attributes make it the ideal place for a winter getaway.  To help you plan your trip, we’ve come up with four fun things to do in Roanoke VA this winter.

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Looking for Weekend Getaways from Dallas? Head 70 Miles to Granbury

Weekend Getaways from DallasDallas is a place that people are more often looking to flock to rather than to escape, and for good reason. The vibrant Texas city offers a myriad of activities and dining options for its locals so that residents really never need to stray away. With that said, though, everyone can always use a break from the fast-paced life of a city that boasts more than one million people. So if you find yourself looking for weekend getaways from Dallas in order to experience relaxation, join on us on this journey through the Metroplex and over to the Inn on Lake Granbury.

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Taos New Mexico Skiing: A Snowy Adventure

Taos New Mexico SkiingTaos, New Mexico is a beautiful place with a wonderful energy.  While many may picture arid yet picturesque western deserts full of buttes and rock formations when they think of New Mexico, Taos is also a wonderful destination for skiing during the winter.  Taos New Mexico skiing has something to offer skiers of all ability levels at several ski areas and the 300+ sunny days a year don’t hurt!  Taos is near Wheeler Peak, the highest summit in the state, so it’s a prime area for skiing.  And with a Select Registry property in town, Taos is a perfect choice for travelers who want to hit the slopes and then retreat into luxury.  Read on to find out what you can expect when you head out for some Taos New Mexico skiing.

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