4 Fun Things to Do in Roanoke VA this Winter

Fun Things to Do in Roanoke VARoanoke, Virginia is a vibrant southern city with a lot to offer both residents and visitors.  Known as Star City of the South because of the iconic star that shines above the city, Roanoke has a vibrant arts scene and is full of culture and personality waiting to be discovered.  These attributes make it the ideal place for a winter getaway.  To help you plan your trip, we’ve come up with four fun things to do in Roanoke VA this winter.

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Looking for Weekend Getaways from Dallas? Head 70 Miles to Granbury

Weekend Getaways from DallasDallas is a place that people are more often looking to flock to rather than to escape, and for good reason. The vibrant Texas city offers a myriad of activities and dining options for its locals so that residents really never need to stray away. With that said, though, everyone can always use a break from the fast-paced life of a city that boasts more than one million people. So if you find yourself looking for weekend getaways from Dallas in order to experience relaxation, join on us on this journey through the Metroplex and over to the Inn on Lake Granbury.

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Experience the Slopes at Sugarbush Ski Resort

Sugarbush Ski ResortEach winter, many people answer the call of the mountains by planning ski trips.  One of the best places on the east coast to participate in this classic winter pastime is Sugarbush Ski Resort in the Mad River Valley region of Vermont.  With slopes suitable for skiers of all abilities and a bevy of other winter activities to enjoy, its easy to see what makes Sugarbush a favorite destination year after year.  If you crave some downhill action this winter, then head to Vermont, check into a Select Registry property, and give the slopes at Sugarbush Ski Resort a shot.

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Plan Your Waterfront New Smyrna Beach Vacation

New Smyrna Beach VacationThe beach remains a perennial favorite amongst vacationers, and Florida is one of the best places for a beach getaway.  New Smyrna Beach on the central east coast of the state is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy pristine beaches, great dining, and a historical and quaint atmosphere.  New Smyrna Beach also happens to be one of the few remaining drive-on beaches in the country! So, if you’re planning a trip to warmer climes soon, then a New Smyrna Beach vacation is right up your alley.  And with a stay at the area’s Select Registry property, the Black Dolphin Inn, your vacation will surely be something special. 

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A Few of the Best Places to Spend Christmas in the US

Best Places to Spend Christmas in the USChristmas is undoubtedly one of he most magical times of the year and many people have long standing traditions they practice to celebrate the holiday season. For some, this may include a Christmas getaway. There’s something exciting about seeing Christmas celebrations in different locations and observing how they differ from other places, and which qualities they share.  Or, it can just be nice to enjoy the holiday somewhere away from home for a change of scenery   If you’ve never spent Christmas somewhere new, now is the time to begin planning that holiday trip.  From entire regions to specific cities, the US is full of great places to spend Christmas. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a starting place to inspire you when looking for the best places to spend Christmas in the US. 

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Walla Walla Wine Tours Worth Taking

Walla Walla Wine ToursWashington state has so many facets for visitors to explore and wine country is perfect for those who want to see the state’s beautiful landscape and enjoy the fine wines those lands produce. To experience the state’s best wineries and sample great wine, Walla Walla Wine tours are the way to go. When you choose a wine tour, you can see several wineries while letting someone knowledgable provide insights and transportation, which will keep you safe.  Here are a few wine tours in Walla Walla And with a fantastic Select Registry property nearby, Walla Walla Wine tours will provide an unforgettable experience.

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Luxury Lodging Near Yosemite National Park

Lodging Near YosemiteTravelers who hear the call of the wild and long for outdoor adventure, North America is full of wonderful and wondrous destinations.  Yosemite National Park in California is an area with acres upon acres of beautiful wilderness to discover.  However, just because you are an intrepid explorer by day, that doesn’t mean you have to rough it at night! There are three Select Registry properties near Yosemite and others near many National and State Parks, so you can have the finest in accommodations while being near the beautiful and majestic sites that offer so many opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. You get the best of both worlds, no sacrifices necessary.  So, if you are heading out to California for a rugged adventure, check out these three options for luxury lodging near Yosemite National Park.

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2014 Nantucket Christmas Stroll Information

Nantucket Christmas StrollNantucket is the quintessential New England island.  With bluff backed beaches, picturesque shorelines, the smell of the sea in the air, and charming town streets, there is no better destination for those seeking the ideal coastal Massachusetts getaway.  Plus, there are great Select Registry properties on the island, so you can be sure you’ll have quality accommodations. While the summer season may draw in tourists seeking the pleasures of the beach, the winter is the time of year with the streets of the town are decorated in their holiday finest and visitors delight in participating in the Nantucket Christmas Stroll.  This Nantucket tradition is the perfect way to get in the mood for the holidays and will make for a memorable trip for you and someone special.

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Why is Spruce Knob Famous in West Virginia?

Why is Spruce Knob Famous in West Virginia?In the wonderful wilds of West Virginia, there are many enchanting mountains and summits to explore.  One of the most notable is Spruce Mountain and its summit Spruce Knob.  You might ask, “Well, why is Spruce Knob famous in West Virginia?”  The answer lies in the size of the mountain and the elevation of the summit. There are also a number of things to do on the mountain including hiking, biking, wildlife observation, and more.  If you want to know more about the allures of Spruce Knob, read on!

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Eco-Friendly Travel at Select Registry Properties

Eco-Friendly TravelVacationers are currently looking for eco-friendly travel options more than ever. Fans of eco-friendly travel choose locations where they can enjoy a getaway with minimal impact to the environment.  Select Registry has members across the country that participate in eco-friendly travel practices like using energy saving fixtures and water efficient showers. Browse this list of Select Registry properties that allow for eco-friendly travel.

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